Google Chrome released with all new features and high security fixes – Update Chrome

welcome to the  my blog and uh we have a new google chrome web browser and um some of you might not have . It yet it’s taking long longer to roll out than previous versions you can actually go download . It directly . If you want . It right now but . If you do have . It already or . If you wonder . If you can get . It just go into the upper right corner in the three vertical dots help and about google chrome you will be moved to Google Chrome 99.

Google Chrome Update

So version 99 as we are close to the version 100 coming in four weeks from now as the google chrome browser now updates every four weeks so this new version does not have a lot of new stuff one is . If you download files you might have a download icon in the taskbar it’s gonna be gray while it’s downloading and it’s going to become green when the file is downloaded then you can click there to actually go to the download so a download shortcut basically that’s happy appearing up there with the icons in your taskbar web apps now will be able to use a system date picker that it’s available through chrome so any app that requested the app will actually have the date picker which you know it’s one of those pop-ups with the calendar in .

It where you can click a date and . It will be applied to a website for example uh developers apparently have asked for this a long time ago and by the way the download icon is an icon that’s kind of stolen to microsoft edge . If you want in a way uh . If you do handwriting well there is going to be a recognition of the handwriting through google chrome browser also. So anything that has to do with that is going to be recognized to the best of the ability of the handwritten recognition api.

What are the new features and high security fixes in Google Chrome

There are many they’re phasing out manifest v2 for ad blockers as there is now uh introduced of course the manifest v3 and 2020 and so this means that uh for you . If you use a ad blocker um . It may not be as good as . It used to be uh v3 allows extension to have a max of 30 000 rules so um it’s kind of breaking a little bit ad blockers uh and some in some way basically apart from that uh dark the color scheme of dark mode and so on is followed on more of the system in within google chrome and following the rules of your system um you know on mac or windows or android um there’s also some battery status api that no longer supported in .

It and there’s a few things for developers but overall for the average user nothing much what isn’t mostly important is that there are security fixes 28 security fixes in here so . If you don’t care about new features at least move to 99 for the security fixes so remember just go to google chrome upper right corner help and about chrome and you’ll be moved to 99 . If you don’t see . It you can also go to the google and download . It directly from there . If you enjoy my  article  please leave comment below.

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