How to Open Demat Account in Upstox?

Is Upstox account opening free?


Let’s learn Open Demat Account in Upstox , Opening your up stocks account is quick easy and paperless. Here’s what you need to do start by entering your mobile number and click on next. when you do that, you will receive an otp on the mobile number you entered. Enter this otp and click on verify and sign in on this. Next screen enter your pan and date of birth. If a friend introduced you to up stocks and asked you to sign up enter their six digit username here and click on next.

How to Open Demat Account in Upstox?

Now tell us about yourself to make it easier. We’ve given you options that, you can select from instead of having to enter these details. You will now need to click on I accept the above declaration and click on next. On the next page choose the segments, you would like to trade in and choose your leverage plan. If you have a coupon code enter it here and click on next you will then be taken to this screen.

Upstox account opening documents

Where you can decide whether you would like the chance to win a free stock, click on yes. If you’re interested now fill in your bank account details and click on next. It is now time to upload your documents tap to upload your signature and income proof in each tab. We’ve made opening an account even faster and more secure with digilocker . So click on connect your digi locker with up stocks to proceed now. Enter your aadhar number and click on next. An otp will be sent to your aadhaar registered number enter. This otp here and click on continue digilocker will fetch your documents for you. However you first need to click on allow to grant it permission to do. So now upload your pan and click on next enjoying. How easy the process is so far.

Next you will need to share your live photo and location to do this. Click on take photo grant permission by clicking on allow and take live photo, click on share location and grant permission by clicking on allow. Click on next, you can refer some of your friends to up stocks on this next screen and earn a reward according to the ongoing referral scheme to refer. Click on refer now or click on skip enter your email id and click on get otp. So we can verify your email address. Enter the otp that was sent to your email id and click on next.

Upstox account opening benefits

You can choose how much you want to pay as account opening fees. We have plans for every kind of trader and investor. Select whether your mobile number is linked to your aadhaar card clicking on no, will give you this screen as you can see for security purposes. It is a mandatory to have your mobile number linked to your aadhaar to open an account with us. If you aren’t sure whether these two are linked click on this link. To check you will be asked to enter your 12-digit aadhar number and mobile number and verify the same with an otp.

If your mobile number is linked to your aadhar click on yes. Now choose how you would like to pay your account opening fees by selecting from options like card net banking , wallet and upi after the success of your payment. You will see this screen click on continue. It is now time to e-sign your form. So click on e-sign, now enter the security code sent to your mobile number.

You will see a screen like this that displays your form click on sign now and otp will be sent to your other registered mobile number. Enter this otp in this box and click on submit your up stocks account opening application is now submitted and that’s it. You can now proceed to open a three-in-one indus stocks account. Happy trading investment in securities market are subject to market risk read all the related documents carefully before investing.

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