What is Navratri? | Why to celebrate? | What is the significance?

What is Navratri?

Namaste welcome to  to our blog, dakalash wishes you and your family a happy Navaratri. May goddess durga illuminate your life with countless blessings on this occasion. It is important and interesting to know what is navaratri .

Why to celebrate Navratri?

why we are celebrating navaratri and what is its significance Navratri. Is a hindu festival that is full of excitement and color a time for family and friends to come together and celebrate the word navratri is derived from sanskrit meaning. Nine nights, nava means nine radhari means night the nine day celebration is dedicated to goddess durga’s nine avatars. Navadurga each day is associated to an incarnation of goddess durga the story associated with navaratri is the battle that occurred between goddess durga and the demon.

History of navratri

Let us see what the story is about long ago, there was a wicked demon king maghi sasura. He wanted to be powerful and rule the three worlds therefore, he performed severe penance to please lad brahma. When lord brahma was pleased and appeared before him. Mahesh asura to be immortal that is to never die but lord brahma said makisha all that is born must die that is the universal law. You cannot escape that mahira thought for a while and said, if i must die my lord it should be in the hands of a woman lad brahma agreed and granted him. The boon and returned to his abode mahisha surah thought. How can a woman kill a man that is impossible? I am now the most powerful person in the whole universe surah immediately ordered his army to attack the humans on the earth and the guards in the devaloka magisha sura and his men became a threat and they started bullying and destroying the devaloka and no one could touch him. The king of devas indra went to the trimortis brahma vishnu and shiva and explained the situation to them. On hearing this the three gods created a powerful woman with several hands lord shiva offered. His trisula maha vishnu offered his sudashana chakra and lord indra offered his pajarayada durga. Now a powerful goddess armed with inner strength courage and wisdom with arms gifted by the powerful devas set out on a lion to destroy mahishasura mahisha surah’s heart skipped a beat, when he heard the thunder of goddess durga’s arrival. Still he asked a mere female trying to attack me durga responded, I am not an ordinary female makisha, I am here to fulfill your desire to be killed by a woman he immediately realized it was a danger sign for him and changed himself into a buffalo and charged the goddess with all his might goddess durga with her inborn power and acquired weapons killed makisha surah. After a long battle the day goddess durga killed the wicked demon maghisha surah is celebrated as vijaya dasami.

This day is also celebrated as a victory of good over evil goddess durga means power energy and empowerment and goddess durga represents the female energy of the universe. The festival of navratri is dedicated to honor and worship this energy in various forms on each day during navaratri a different form of goddess durga is worshipped

Day one

Day one is dedicated to shayla putri devi. On this day devotees offer pyorgi on the foot of goddess shayla putri. It is believed by offering pyorgi the devotees are blessed with a life free of diseases and illnesses.

Day Two

The day two of navratri is dedicated to goddess brahmacharini goddess. Brahmacharini is offered sugar for the longevity of the family members.

Day Third

The third day of navratri is for goddess chandragantha the ferocious goddess is pleased with girl. She is known to drive away all pains Chaturthi.

Day Fourth

The fourth day of navratri is for devi kushmanda devotees offer malpua to ma kushmanda to improve their intellect and decision making ability goddess kant mata who is worshiped.

Day Fifth

On the fifth day is also known as panchami bananas is the favorite fruit of goddess skantmata.

Day Sixth

The sixth day of navratri is dedicated to goddess katyani who is a form of shakti also known as the warrior goddess katyani is considered as one of the most violent forms of goddess parvati devotees offer honey as prasad to devi katyani sabtami.

Day Seventh

The seventh day of navratri is for goddess khal radhi as per legends she sacrificed her skin color and embraced his dark complexion to kill demons jaggery is offered as prasad to devi khal rathri to get relief from pains obstacles and bring happiness durgastami.

Day Eighth

The eighth day of navratri is dedicated to goddess maha gowri goddess maha gauri is offered coconut as Prasad.

Day Ninth

The ninth or the final day of navratri is for goddess sitti this form of goddess durga signifies perfection sesame seeds are offered to devi sithi dhatri for safety and security from unnatural events.

I hope you enjoyed reading and learning the glimpses of navratri its celebration and its significance understanding. The divine power of goddess durga. Let us all pray to her to help to overcome the difficult time that the world is facing now.

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