Best stocks to buy now in India for great profit stock market investment 2022 – 2 Stocks for lifetime

Hello everyone welcome you all to the   my blog article where  you learn stock markets in detail so  friends today in this video i will be  analyzing some small cap stocks very  small companies which i believe can  perform well in the future so we will do  their detailed analysis we will look at  the you know company details and do the  technical analysis as well and we will  see whether one should invest in them  now if he has at what price and how much  profit you know these stocks can  generate so the first talk that i would  like to analyze now this company it is  the largest provider of cancer care in  india under the hcg brand it owns and  operates comprehensive cancer diagnosis  and treatment services which include  radiation therapy medical oncology and  surgery and it has a network of  consisting of 25 comprehensive cancer  centers including the center of  excellence in bengaluru

one centre  in africa each of the comprehensive  cancer center offers comprehensive  cancer diagnosis and treatment services  at a single location  furthermore free standing diagnostic  centers and daycare chemotherapy center  offer diagnosis and medical oncology  services respectively and the name of  this particular company is healthcare  global services uh healthcare global  enterprises limited so hcg is the first  stock and i think this is a very good  company for the future and i believe uh  this stock has a potential to generate  some good returns so it is expected to  turn around the operating profitability  and you know we expect it’s operating a  bit of margin to improve by 680 bps over  effect 21 to 24 earnings majority driven  by the first point is increasing average  occupancy rates 53 to 58 percent that  would bring operational leverage and  then we have increasing arpu be led by  an increase in international patients  and high-end works then operating  leveraging new centers that have already  achieved break-even variable and fixed  costs comprise 35 percent and 65 percent  in hospitals and therefore i believe  strong operating leverage in new centers  may improve margins 12 to 15 percent  over 5 21 to 24 earning this company  intends to focus on consolidation over  fi 22 to 24 earnings while incurring  minimal capex and there would be  significant reduction of losses given  the improvement in profitability of the  new centers cost reduction measures  undertaken by the company reduction in  depreciation and finance charges and  with the rising incidence of cancer in  recent years india has significantly  improved the process for cancer  diagnosis and treatment recent  advancement have also transformed cancer  care and given hopes to millions of  people and oncology you know it is the  fastest growing industry in the  healthcare market reporting a 13 percent  cagr over fi 16 to 19 and hcg has  outpaced the industry growth and  reported revenue cgr of 19 percent and  new patients registration see a year of  24.6 percent over 16 to 19 respectively  the company’s ar pob reached 38 000 uh  345 around 21.9 percent on plus 21  percent in quarter to five 22 year on  year due to high end works and is  expected to improve further with the  increase in the volume of international  patients so overall  you know i believe it’s a good stock to  bet for the future so now let’s look at  the chart so if you see uh the stock  recently went below the 200 moving  average and made a low of around 210  rupees then it recovered very nicely in  the last few days and now it’s again  back above all the important moving  averages so that’s a good sign so 240 uh  can be a price to look at because that  is where some very good support is there  plus moving average zone is there and  also rsi is now looking good stock has  shown some good momentum volume has been  more than average and looks like it  might give a breakout very soon about  260 and i believe once it you know gives  breakout above this level there can be  some fresh rally from here and the stock  can you know generate some good returns  so it’s a good company in my opinion and  if you want to invest in i believe 240  can be the area where one can look to  buy this stock 240 is the price where i  would like to enter in this company so  very good stock for the future hold it for a few years and it can give some  very good compounder returns now let’s  look at the second stock another very  interesting company so this talk uh if  you look at the returns the last 10 year  this company is up around  1683.18 percent now that is very good  returns and uh company can repeat the  returns as well and in the last five  year it is up to 164 percent 75 percent  in three year 150 percent in two years  continuously trading higher and it has a  dividend yield to 0.3 percent  so this company though it is a engage in  manufacturing of corn starch derivatives  soya derivatives feed ingredients cotton  yarn and eatable oils since its  incorporation in 1991 the firm strives  to serve the food pharmaceutical feed  and many other industries with a  long-term growth strategy in the agro  processing sector and the company you  know it is the largest maize processing  company in india with installed capacity  of 3000 tons per day  and company’s products include liquid  glucose sorbitol dextrose and hydros  dextrose monohydrate maltodextrin and  high fructose corn syrup and the firm  you know it has india’s second largest  soybean crushing capacity with six  plants located across gujarat madhya  pradesh and maharashtra with combined  capacity of more than  4600 tpd

it also has capacity for edible  oil around 1200 tpd and wheat miling and  the company has one plant located at  himmatnagar which is in gujarat for its  cotton yarn segment with a capacity of  6520 spindles it has recently entered  into an agreement with a large textile  company to provide this plant on a  dedicated basis for contract  manufacturing the company’s client if  you talk about the company’s major  clients they have some very big  companies like dhaba mondelez asian  paints patanjali nestle colgate heinz  itc hul biocon parley cargill india  agrotec foods and bl agro oil so these  all you know famous companies uh are one  of you know companies client and it also  has four plants located at himmatnagar  in gujarat sitar ganch in uttarakhand  hublin karnataka and chalisga in  maharashtra and all these states are  major  maze growing areas and the company has  proposed an equity issuance for  fundraising up to 1000 crore and the  firm has a market share of 25 percent it  buys raw materials in bulk once a year  around the in harvesting season  typically in march giving them a four to  five percent procurement cost advantage  uh compare to the peers and the company  has reduced that uh which is a positive  side right now uh it is almost debt free  so that’s also a good signal and it is  suspected to give a good quarter coming  quarter can be good and it has also  delivered good profit growth of twenty  eight point three nine percent siege  over the last five years and healthy  long term growth as operating profit has  grown by an annual rate of 28 percent  and it has also declared possible  results for the last five consecutive  quarters and friends the name of this uh  company is gujarat abuja exports limited  gael let’s look at the chart so if you  see uh this stock is trading near 190  196 is the exact price and if you want  to buy i would suggest to wait for some  correction uh below 175 i believe one  can enter in this stock and uh hold it  for a few years i think it will create  some good wealth for the investors it  can achieve targets of 500 i believe in  the next two to three years so this was  my analysis of two stocks i hope you  liked my analysis see you again soon  with another stock analysis video till  then goodbye take care happy trading  happy investing

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